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twinkle2 Dork Lost in       

CyberSpace Round and Round she goes...
...Tridorkium Reinforced          

Warp Accelerators

DCA Emperor: Journey Jerk Reaction

One Day, September 2003 In the Morning a.m. EST

DORKER'S HEADQUARTERS (DNN) -- You are about to take a journey. A journey into time and space.

The Time is right now and the space is the gap between the ears of one man. A man who is not afraid of being called a Dork, a Nerd, a Geek, a Dweeb, a Hampster, a Q-Tip, yes, even a Crawfish.

This is a man that is not afraid to unashamedly manifest the strange compulsions within him, within reason and good taste of course.

In fact this man is afraid of nothing except the small fuzzy pieces that come off his bed's blankets. He is very afraid of what these small fuzzy pieces will do when they gather together under his bed and conspire to overthrow him from his rightful place as Emperor of the Dorker's Club.

He knows their agenda is to usurp the throne and make the empire their own. See more News on Radical Blanket Fuzz.

But I digress and so will you as you journey through the unusual world of the Dorker's Club.
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