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Radical Blanket Fuzz Protest Emperor
Emperor Fears: Thrown from Throne

One Day, September 2003 In the Morning a.m. EST

DORKER'S HEADQUARTERS (DNN) -- Radical Blanket Fuzz burned the Emperor's Statue out front of the Dorker's Headquarters this morning in an effort to get the Emperor to reinstate the Council for Fuzz Rights and to lobby for increased rights for Anti-Vacuum minorities.

Leonard Fuzzball, a leader for the displaced fuzz, angrily proclaimed that the Fuzzy Nation is being treated as nothing more than another minority, the Dust Bunnies minority, which has been trampled underfoot for years now.

Demand's by the newly formed Delegation for the Preservation of Fuzzy Blankets were made today before the Emperor, in the hopes of persuading him to force the Fuzzballs to remain under the blanket coverage of the new Linen Closet Law.

Talks broke down when the Radical Blanket Fuzz began violently protesting in front of the Emperor's Palace and the Dorker's Club Headquarters.

The Emperor was informed that the riot may have been sparked by the fact that bleach was being used despite the tags clearly stating "No Bleach". Certain factions of the Militant Radical Fuzzies claimed responsibility for the destruction of the statue saying, "Living under the Emperor's rule is no day at the Bleach!!".

18 radical Fuzzies were arrested by Police. The remaining protestors escaped, taking cover under nearby beds.
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