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Emperor's DorkLog: Krono-Date: 09-24-03

Dorkers has another Grand Re-opening

The big ribbon has been cut once more as the Dorker's Club makes yet another Grand Re-Opening. Several people showed up at the ceremony, mostly for the free drinks.

Some comments over heard: (some or all of the following quotes may have been taken out of context)

"Now you've spoiled my supper!"

"My snack is also spoiled."

"I had an overwhelming urge to run buck naked through a field of flowers"

"Tell me I am imagining this."

"I love it"

"I had a tingling in the back of my spine!!"

"(impressive) nothing like a flying turd"

"That blanket fuzz thing had me laughing so hard my stomach hurt..."

It was quite obvious a good time was had by all.

Emperor Mr X ....over and out

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