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Crazy Kuestions about the Dorker's Club, followed by sane and well thought out Answers.
(FACK is an Acronym for "Frequently Asked Crazy Kuestions" )

What is the Dorker's Club?

The Dorker's Club is an artistic expression symbolizing the indomitable and incorrigible spirit of the Dorker. Other than that, it is anybodies guess at this point.
But the Dorker's Club hierarchy is hopeful that it will one day be a definable entity with some kind of higher purpose.

For the time being it is found that the Dorker's Club is many things to many people at many times. It is only some things to some people at nap time and is absolutely nothing to others at tea time. It should be almost something to you at anytime now.

The real question should be: What "Not" is the Dorker's Club? But anyone that would ask that would be ridiculed for their poor grammar and have to endure insults about their mother and upbringing.

We at the Dorker's Club like to think of the Dorker's Club fondly. We also like to think of it as a place that is a refuge from the kooky world in which we all seem to live. The Dorker's Club is a voice of reason and sanity. A place where reality can come into full bloom.

So in answer to the question What is the Dorker's Club? Please see the Topic on the Fack Page entitled "What is the Dorker's Club?"

When did the Dorker's Club Begin?

The exact day the Dorker's Club was born has faded from memory and now only lurks in the obscure shadows of one aging and abused cerebral temporal lobe. But based upon documented evidence, sworn testimony from the earliest member and Radiocarbon Dating, it can factually be stated that the Dorker's Club had its beginning sometime in May or June of 1986.

Based upon ancient "Popular Dorking"* manuscripts it is a recorded fact that the Dorkers' Club is the First as well as the Oldest known official organization dedicated to the progress, preservation and protection of Dorkers, Dorks, Geeks, Nerds and other Advanced or otherwise Animated Life Forms.

(* Ancient "Popular Dorking" Manuscripts can be found in the Dorker's Club Museum.)

Is it true that Dorkers are in fact Dorks, Geeks or Nerds?

Dorkers are not necessarily Dorks or Geeks or Nerds, etc. although Dorkers could be, it does not necessarily follow that they must be. The word "Dorker" was originally coined by the President of the Dorker's Club of America in 1986. Since that time being a Dorker has gained in popularity over the years. In the early years it was just not cool to be a Dorker, my how times have changed. But as usual some Dorkers are just ahead of their time.

Just what is a Dorker anyhow?

A Dorker is a Doer. It is someone that likes to do things. Not really obsessively but sometimes rather compulsively, at times compulsorily, and yet rarely compunctionally.

It doesn't matter what they may like to do as long as they like to do it. Dorkers enjoy doing things. There are motorcycle Dorkers, they like to ride motorcycles, there are computer Dorkers, they like to use computers, etc. you get the idea.

So what makes Dorkers Special?

The unique thing about Dorkers is they go that extra step in what they do. They work hard at their interest. Even though they may not know what they are doing, and practice doesn't seem to improve their skill set, at other times it does, it is highly unpredictable, as well as the fact that they may fail repetitively, they keep coming back for more. They keep trying to accomplish their goal.

Most of the time Dorkers have the added disadvantage of having things always go wrong for them. They are heavily skewed toward one of Murphy's Laws which implies that if something can go wrong it will. Only with Dorkers it is mutated into a new Law which states "Even if it can't go wrong, it will"

Out of necessity this makes Dorkers all the more determined to succeed. They must courageously keep going forward despite that the odds are against them. They put in their all at all times.

Does the Dorker's Club of America accept members from only America?

We accept members from anywhere in the world, from any country, any place, any planet in any solar system in any galaxy.

Does anything you do here make any difference?


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